When you need to go out of town for several days and cannot take your pets with you, bring your babies to Animal Health Clinic in Picayune where there are compassionate pet lovers and qualified animal caretakers that you know and trust.

Boarding is a great option when you are on vacation, have home repairs taking place, or have an unexpected medical emergency that requires you to be away from your beloved animal companion. Your pet will be under the care of our veterinarians in case a medical issue arises, and any health concerns you may have for your pet can be addressed during their stay with our clinic.

While under our care, your pet will be quite comfortable in our clean, climate controlled area where they will receive plenty of food, water, exercise, and lots of attention. Our caring staff members spend quality time with each pet, providing dogs with walks in our yard several times a day. Our kennel technicians take special notice of our boarders, and if they see an animal that is not responding well to being away from home, they give that pet extra attention to reduce its anxiety and nervousness.

Owners are encouraged to bring their pet’s own bed, blankets, toys, and treats so that they will feel more at home during their stay. We provide EN Purina for all kennel guests. You are welcome to bring in a daily supply of your pet's food from home to avoid any upset tummies or if they require a special diet. Our staff monitors the appetite and urination/bowel movements of each boarded pet, and our veterinarians will be alerted if any problems are noted.

We also offer separate bathing services that you may want to take advantage of while your pet is staying with us. We provide bathing, nail trims, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, dematting, and shave downs. Please let us know if you care to have your pet bathed when you make your boarding reservation.

We want your pets to be happy and healthy while they are in our care, for this reason we request that all boarding guests are up to date on vaccinations.

Serving pet owners in Picayune, Slidell, Lacombe, Mandeville, and New Orleans, please call Animal Health Clinic for pricing information and availability. Because space in our boarding kennel can fill up quickly, we ask that you make reservations in advance, especially around the holidays.